Strategically directed eLearning underpins a great customer experience and grows sales. There is a direct correlation between product knowledge and product recommendation – particularly with those staff who can choose to be sales advocates of particular brands.

Real learning makes a real difference

…research indicates that as many as 40% of customers remain open to persuasion once they enter a store.

- McKinseys

In real time

Synchro’s eLearning platform – Knowledge & Reward® – provides you with a strategic, cost effective and timely approach to online learning. Our focus is on achieving real business outcomes. It is integral to the effective onboarding and development of new employees and Channel Partners, reinforcing critical product knowledge performance compliance criteria – in real time.

Business Outcomes
  • Cost Effective
    Allows simultaneous coverage of your target audience, in real time.
  • Productivity
    Reduces time-to-productivity of employees and Channel Partners from Day 1.
  • Product Priority
    Engages your workforce with key products and services.
  • Motivation
    Recognises and rewards individual and work group achievement of learning performance.
  • Career Development
    Closes performance 'gaps' and opens future career development opportunities.
  • Business Growth
    Creates brand loyalty and increases sales opportunities.