Effective Recognition Programs don’t just celebrate high performance. They perpetuate it. They keep your people focused on what matters most to your business, leading to improved business success and profits.

Bringing out the Best from Your Workforce

An all-embracing Performance Management and Recognition Program provides the strategic foundation to focus your employees and Channel Partners on work and business priorities – both short and long-term.

Using our Recognition Awards Platform® helps drive organisational values and achieve behavioural / performance KPIs. Through a peer-to-peer nomination process, people are recognised for their work within the context of goal setting, accountability, open communication and public celebration of individual and team success.

Recognising employee performance increases engagement by almost 60%.

- Towers Watson

Performance management and development is supported by using our Behavioural Assessment Platform®, which enables regular online assessment of key work behaviours and career plans.

Collectively, these online platforms improve engagement, productivity and staff retention – all of which help grow company profits.

Business Outcomes
  • Organisation
    Strengthens corporate values and culture, engagement and compliance.
  • Motivation
    Employees are more quality oriented, productive and performance driven.
  • Business Growth
    Increased sales and performance improvement.
  • Relationship Building
    Collaboration and appreciation develops all levels of your business.
  • Talent Management
    Identifies Top Performers for promotion and career development.
  • Long-Term Benefits
    Increased commitment, higher retention and improved morale.