Sales Incentives

Maximise your Sales. Maximise your ROI.

A well-designed Sales Incentive doesn’t just motivate your top performers. It targets and motivates your whole Sales Channel to ‘do more’. Delivering greater sales and profit to your business.

"High-engagement firms experienced an earnings-per-share growth rate of 28%, compared with an 11.2% decline for low-engagement firms."
Towers Perrin

Employee Engagement

People create your Competitive Advantage.

Engaged employees perform better. They are more productive. More loyal. Exhibit lower levels of absenteeism. They provide superior customer service and deliver greater profits.

Channel Performance

Grow your Partners. Grow your Business.

You can’t buy loyalty. A Partner-centric approach turns 'transactional' loyalty into a true business partnership. Provide your Channel Partners the support they need to grow and their success becomes your success.

"A 10% increase in effort
to satisfy customer
needs translates into a 22.7% increase in customer spending."
The Forum: Business Results
Through People

Customer Acquisition and Loyalty

Not all Customers are Created Equal.

No customer wants to be taken for granted. Recognise their support of your business. Create a unique and rewarding B2B or B2C customer experience at every interaction and they will buy more – more often.


Build Knowledge. Build your Business.

Strategically directed eLearning underpins good customer service and grows sales. There is a direct correlation between product knowledge and product recommendation – particularly with those staff who can choose to be sales advocates of particular brands.

"Recognising... performance increases engagement by almost 60%."
Towers Watson

Recognition Programs

A Measurable Return on Recognition.

Effective Recognition Programs don’t just celebrate high performance. They perpetuate it. They keep your people focused on what matters most to your business, leading to improved business success and profits.