No customer wants to be taken for granted. Recognise their support of your business. Create a unique and rewarding B2B or B2C customer experience at every interaction and they will buy more – more often.

Customer Loyalty doesn’t just ‘happen’

Loyalty needs to be planned, created, implemented and maintained. It is a long-term strategy. The culmination of targeted business development, where the prime focus is on growing, retaining and recognising all your important customers. The key is identifying the right customer ‘fit’ for your business.

A 10% increase in effort to satisfy customer needs translates into a 22.7% increase in customer spending.

- The Forum: Business Results Through People

Improve profitability and competitive advantage

Synchro can help you create a B2B or B2C Loyalty Program that identifies and targets individual customer needs, ensuring you capitalise on every business building opportunity.

Business Outcomes
  • Customer Centricity
    Develop a mutual affinity with your customers.
  • Targeted
    Get the right messages to the right customers and reward the right outcomes.
  • Competitive Advantage
    Respond faster to market trends and business changes.
  • Cross-Selling Opportunities
    Through greater transparency of customer purchase patterns.
  • Frequency
    Total revenue increases with repeat business.
  • Continuity
    Reflects your commitment to the customer.