A well-designed Sales Incentive doesn’t just motivate your top performers. It targets and motivates your whole Sales Channel to ‘do more’. Delivering greater sales and profit to your business.

Motivating more people to do more

Your top sales people are important. However, your biggest opportunity for growth comes from your mainstream performers. Motivate the majority to do a little more and you will get a lot more in return.

A 5% improvement in the middle 60% yields over 70% more revenue than a 50% improvement in the top 10%.

- Sales Executive Council

There’s no such thing as a sale at any cost

Our Programs don’t just focus on sales volume. We work with you to design Incentive Programs which combine a weighted mix of financial and behavioural KPIs – delivering ‘what matters most’ to your business.

This ensures you can continue to meet your shorter term sales objectives while creating longer term customer loyalty and growth.

Business Outcomes
  • Competitive Advantage
    Ensure key products and markets are prioritised.
  • Motivation
    Recognition and reward drives performance.
  • Business Growth
    Increased sales and performance improvement.
  • Organisation
    Improves engagement, work place culture and productivity.
  • Long-Term Benefits
    Consistent delivery and increased customer loyalty.
  • Accountable
    Forecast ROI and performance tracking.
  • Scalable and Nimble
    To reflect your changing commercial environment.