Agency Excellence Awards

The Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) and the USA based global Incentive Marketing Association (IMA) have consistently recognised Synchro’s Client Programs as ‘Excellent’ in the fields of Incentive Marketing, Loyalty Programs, Internal Marketing and Channel Performance. We have also been recognised by the Australian Psychological Society (APS) for Learning & Development and Performance Management.

National Finalist

AMI 2020 Marketing Excellence Awards:
'Loyalty and Retention'

National Finalist

APS 2017 Workplace Excellence Awards:
'Performance and Capability Development'

International Award

IMA 2021 Circle of Excellence Awards:
'Excellence in Recognition'

The Australian Marketing Institute (AMI)

YearAward Received
2020 National Finalist for Marketing Excellence -
'Loyalty and Retention'
2019 to 2005 National Finalist in one or all of the following categories:
'Internal Marketing', 'Incentive Marketing', 'Relationship Marketing', 'Loyalty Programs',
'Marketing Communications: B2C and B2B' 2016 2017 2018 and 'Integrated Marketing Communications Program'
2014 National Award for Marketing Excellence – 'Loyalty Programs'
2011 National Award for Marketing Excellence – 'Incentive Marketing'

The Australian Psychological Society (APS)

YearAward Received
2017 National Finalist Workplace Excellence Award –
'Performance and Capability Development'
2015 National Workplace Excellence Award –
'Performance Management'
2015 National Finalist Workplace Excellence Award –
'Training and Development'

The Incentive Marketing Association (IMA)

YearAward Received
2021 International Excellence Award –
'Excellence in Recognition'
2020 International Excellence Award -
'Sales Incentives'

International Excellence Finalist -
'Gift Cards in an Incentive Program'
2016 European Incentive and Motivation Award –
Very Highly Commended: 'Most Innovative Channel Incentive Program'
2014 International Circle of Excellence Award –
'Dealer Distributor Program'