Leading blue chip companies across Australia and New Zealand use Synchro's proprietary 'Choose Your Voucher®' and 'Choose Your Reward®' platforms to recognise and reward their Sales Teams, Channel Partners, Retailers, Employees and Customers.

Choose Your Voucher®

Offers a wide variety of lifestyle Gift Cards from premium retailers, including Myer, Woolworths Group, Bunnings, Flight Centre, David Jones, Coles, Tiffany & Co, Liquorland and many more!

Choose Your Reward®

Provides a comprehensive selection of aspirational Merchandise Rewards from leading international brands, including Apple, Samsung, Sony, Coleman, Breville, DeLonghi, Sheridan, Wilson and many, many more! Lifestyle Retail Gift Cards are also included within the reward selection. This enables recipients to 'mix and match' their rewards to suit their individual needs and desires.

Tailored to your Needs

You can customise Choose Your Voucher® and Choose Your Reward® with your company branding. You even have the option to pick and choose the reward selection that best reflects your corporate image, participant profile and their reward earning potential.

Spend or Save

Choose Your Voucher® and Choose Your Reward® allow your recipients to redeem immediately as and when rewards are earned. Or, they can accumulate their earnings for redemption at a later date – the choice is theirs!

Business Outcomes
  • Personal
    Recipients can choose what's 'right' for them.
  • Aspirational
    Luxury goods and merchandise 'trophy' their efforts.
  • Tailored
    Gift Cards and Merchandise are designed to meet the 'needs and wants' of those being recognised.
  • Flexible
    A 'mix' of Lifestyle Merchandise Rewards and Retail Gift Cards can be selected for any special occasion.
  • Versatile
    Individuals, teams and families can share in the rewards.
  • Motivational
    Guilt free shopping for those aspirational special items.
  • Association
    A positive ongoing 'link' to you – the reward sponsor.
  • Timely
    Rewards can be redeemed as and when earned or desired.